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Swank, Inc.


Swank, Inc. Origins:

Swank was founded in Attleboro, Massachusetts in 1897. Originally called the Attleboro Manufacturing Company, it manufactured and distributed men's and women's costume jewelry.

During World War I the company made dog tags for the US military. After the war ended, it changed focus to produce only men's jewelry and accessories.

Swank Products Today:

Swank added leather goods to its offerings in the early 1950's and purchased the Prince Gardner Company to help further that business.

Women's jewelry was added back into Swank's offerings in the 1980s, much of it under the Anne Klein label. Women's jewelry isn't currently available from Swank.

Swank now focuses on the design and marketing of men's jewelry and accessories. The company sells its own branded merchandise and also offers private labels for many designers, including Kenneth Cole, Geoffrey Beene, Pierre Cardin, Claiborne, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Guess and others.

Items include cufflinks and other jewelry, suspenders, wallets, belts and other leather goods.

Where to Find Swank Products:

You'll find Swank products at nearly every major US department store. The company operates eight factory outlet stores located in six different states.

Vintage Swank:

You can buy vintage Swank jewelry from retailers who sell antique and collectible jewelry. Retailers at Ruby Lane sometime have Swank products in their inventories.
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