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Shop for Harry Potter Jewelry

Harry Potter Themed Jewelry and Accessories


Harry Potter fans will like this collection of jewelry based on the popular books and movie. Wear a Golden Snitch around your neck, go quirky with Luna Lovegood's radish earrings, or choose one of the other pieces designed for the series.

Golden Snitch Necklace

Golden Snitch Necklace
Remember Harry Potter's Quidditch tournaments by wearing this Golden Snitch necklace. The necklace is made from sterling silver and the Snitch is plated with 24K gold. It hangs on an 18-inch sterling silver chain and is packed in a box imprinted with the Hogwarts logo (and tucked inside a velvet-like bag).

Luna Lovegood Jewelry Set

Luna Lovegood Jewelry
Not just once piece of jewelry, Luna's jewelry set includes a blue-beaded cork pendant, a 30-inch double strand beaded necklace, a blue and black beaded beetle ring and a pair of red, green and white beaded radish earrings.

Horcrux Ring

Horcrux Ring
Wear this memento from the darker side of the Potter series. Available in size 10, the 24k gold plated ring has a half-inch stone. It arrives in a 5" x 5" wooden display box.

Sorcerer's Stone Pendant

Sorcerer's Stone Pendant
Try this for a remembrance from the first book in the Harry Potter series. From the Noble Collection, the Sorcerer's Stone pendant is made from cut glass and hangs from a gold plated chain.

Phoenix Pendant

Phoenix Pendant
Phoenix Pendant
The Phoenix Pendant is crafted from sterling silver and arrives on an 18-inch silver chain. The Phoenix measures about 2-1/4 inches at its wingspan, and is 1-1/2 inches long. It comes with a drawstring velvet bag for safe storage.
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