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Top 7 Women's Gold Chain Necklaces


Gold chain necklaces are at home with nearly any fashions you want to wear. Switch from casual to dressy if you like--your gold necklaces will work either way. Some of the necklaces in this collection are smooth and delicate. A few have a bolder look, with lots of chain links to create plenty of texture.

1) 18k Gold Venetian Link Necklace

Simple but elegant, this 18k yellow box chain necklace is 18-inches long and 1/8-inch wide. It fastens with a lobster claw clasp.
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2) 18k Gold Two-Tone Twisted Rope Necklace

Ropes of 18k yellow gold are twisted with smaller, more delicate ropes of 18k white gold. The yellow gold sitting next to white enhances both colors, making the white strand almost sparkle. The necklaces is 18-inches long and is fastened with a lobster claw clasp.
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3) 14k Gold Graduated Bead Necklace

This 17-inch long necklace is fashioned from 14k polished yellow gold beads that grow from 4mm at the back of your neck to 8mm at the front.
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4) 14k Yellow Gold Hollow Palma Chain

Elongated, graduated loops of polished 14k yellow gold are linked together to create this 18-inch long necklace. Definitely plan to look at the close-up photo to see how gorgeous this chain necklace is.
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5) 18k Gold Byzantine Necklace

This woven necklace is made from a combination of textured and polished 18k yellow gold links. The texture produced by the mix is stunning.
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6) 10k Gold Reversible Two-Tone Necklace

Another combination of white and yellow gold, this 10k diamond cut omega necklace is reversible, with a sleek, neck-hugging appearance.
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7) 14k Gold Mesh Necklace

You'll love this 17-inch necklace made from a smooth but bold mesh of 14k yellow gold. There's lots of texture here, but it retains a delicate appearance.
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