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Tahitian Pearl Jewelry

Shop for Jewelry Made with Tahitian Pearls


Like nearly all pearls found in modern jewelry, Tahitian pearls are cultured -- grown intentionally by humans. They are called black, but their color varies from a silvery metallic to dark graphite, and they can be blushed with other colors, like purple and blue. Tahitian pearls grow large, so they make stunning jewelry set alone, but an occasional diamond or other gem can be a welcome addition to a design.

Mastoloni Long White Gold & Tahitian Pearl Necklace

This 34" long 18K white gold chain has Tahitian pearls spaced around it at regular intervals. Pearls are 9mm to 10mm in diameter.

No longer available.

Tahitian Pearl & 14K White Gold Necklace

Five Tahitian cultured pearls are strung along the front portion of this delicate 14K white gold chain. The pearls are spaced apart, but will drop nicely to cover the front of your neck.

No longer available.

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