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Pearls are organic, which means they originated from a living organism. Use these tools to learn about pearls, find pearl jewelry and research and find other types of jewelry made from organic components.
  1. Shop for Pearl Jewelry (11)
  2. Coral Jewelry (4)
  3. Fiber Jewelry (3)
  4. Ivory & Vegetable Ivory (5)
  5. Other Organics (3)

Interesting Pearl Facts

All About South Sea Pearls
The facts you need to shop for South Sea pearls, along with links to help you find South Sea pearl jewelry.

Different Types of Baroque Pearls

Buying and Caring for Your Pearl Jewelry
An index of articles with advice about pearls, from the types of pearls you'll see when you shop to tips to help you make sure you're paying the right price when you buy pearls.

A Beginner's Guide to Pearls
Don't shop for pearl jewelry until you get the facts about the many kinds of pearls you will encounter.

How to Clean and Care for Pearls
Advice to help you clean your pearls safely and effectively.

What Are Tahitian Pearls?
Get the facts about Tahitian pearls and shop for Tahitian pearl jewelry.

Pearl Knot Definition and Illustration
What's a pearl knot? We'll explain how and why this technique is used to make pearl jewelry.

What Is Mother of Pearl?
Get the facts about mother of pearl -- its composition and its origin.

"The Pearl Book" - Review
Can Antoinette L. Matlins' book help you learn more about the world of pearls?

Pearl Wisdom
Berj Zavian explains the differences between natural and cultured pearls and gives us tips on how to tell one from another.

Freshwater Pearls in the US
Information about the history of natural freshwater pearls found in the United States. It also gives details about states that currently produce cultured freshwater pearls.

Pearl Education
Blue Nile helps you become an educated consumer with this information about pearl luster, surface markings, color, shape, and size.

The Culture of Freshwater Pearls
This feature focuses on old and new techniques used to create cultured freshwater pearls. From PBS.

Shop for Mother of Pearl Jewelry
Mother of pearl jewelry is suitable for all occasions, casual to dressy.

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