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Necklaces and Pendants

Follow necklace trends and find classic and trendy necklaces of all types and in all price ranges. You'll find diamond necklaces and pendants, gemstone jewelry, pearl necklaces, classic heart pendants and more.

Shop for Lariat Necklaces
You'll find many styles of lariat necklaces in this collection.

Favorite Ruby Necklaces and Pendants
We'll help you find the perfect ruby pendant necklace.

Find a Gold Chain Necklace
Browse this selection of gold chain necklaces -- many styles of chains and yellow, white and rose gold.

Shop for Heart Pendants
Browse a collection of heart pendanta, all sorted by price to help you stay within your budget.

Geometric Link Necklaces
Find link necklaces -- large, multi-circle and multi-link necklaces made from gold, glass and other materials.

Favorite Cross Pendants
Cross pendants are an important piece of jewelry for many people, and they're never in or out of style -- cross pendants are classic. There are loads of pendant styles to choose from, made from metals, glass or gemstones and either plain or created with multiple components.

Abalone Enhancer on Four-Strand Pearl Necklace
You love this abalone and silver pendant that dangles from a four-strand pearl necklace.

Sterling Silver Double Heart Pendant
This lovely pendant features two sterling silver hearts dangling from a cable chain.

'Lassie' Dog Bone Pendant Necklace
A cute dog bone necklace that's a perfect choice for canine cuddlers.

Betsey Johnson 'Bohemian Betsey' Necklace
This cute Betsey Johnson necklace is layered for depth.

Skull Pendant Watch
A cute pendant watch with a skull motif on its exterior.

Aquitaine Sundial Pendant Necklace
This sundial pendant is a replica of a ring given to King Henry II in 1152.

Labyrinth Pendant Necklace
A labyrinth necklace that's crafted from sterling silver.

Manika Beaded Necklace
A fair trade necklace crafted from glass, ceramic and wooden beads.

Nocturnal Pendant Necklace
A pendant that helps you tell time by aligning the North Star with the Big Dipper.

Peace Sign Pendant Necklaces
The peace symbol was created in 1958, and quickly spread around the globe. It remains a popular symbol, and pendants are always popular.

Turquoise Necklaces
I think you'll find something you love in this assortment of turquoise necklaces. The collection includes many styles and price ranges.

Sterling Silver Heart Pendants and Necklaces
Browse a collection of unique sterling silver heart pendants and necklaces.

Lockets for Little Girls
Little girls love to wear and display their special photos in locket necklaces. It's always fun to open up a hinged locket to share with someone the tiny photo that's tucked inside for safekeeping. Here are some nice lockets for your special little girl.

Lariat Necklaces
Find a lariat necklace to suit her style. Long, trditional lariats and shorter necklaces with a lariat look.

Women's Gold Chain Necklaces
Gold chain necklaces are at home with nearly any fashions you want to wear. Switch from casual to dressy if you like--your gold necklaces will work either way. Some of the necklaces in this collection are smooth and delicate. A few have a bolder look, with lots of chain links to create plenty of texture.

Shop for Chain Necklaces
Multi-chain necklaces are a perennial favorite. Shop this large collection of chain necklaces to find a style that's just right for your style.

Contemporary Pearl Necklaces
Who says pearls are boring--or old-fashioned? This selection of pearl necklaces shows you just how contemporary pearl jewelry can be. And it gets better, every pearl necklace in this group is affordable. Pearls are hot for every age group, so take a look.

Glittery Crystal Necklaces
Crystals take center stage here, hugging your neck and adding a touch of sparkle. From subtle to bold, these necklaces work to dress up any special occasion with a touch of glitz.

Choker Necklaces to Hug Your Neck
Chokers can be the perfect necklace choice for prom or any other special occasion. So what kind of choker suits you best? You'll find all types of chokers here, from wide bands with plenty of dazzle to delicate strands that seem to float on your neck.

Necklaces that Make Your Neck Look Sexy
Necklaces that move when you do, but don't overpower an ensemble.

Colorful Beaded Necklaces

Heart Pendant Necklaces
Find a heart pendant necklace, classic or contemporary.

Sapphire Pendants

Anniversary Charms & Pendants
You'll surely find the perfect anniversary charm in this collection. There's something here for wedding anniversaries--or for any other type of special anniversary you'd like to remember with a piece of lovely jewelry.

Shop for Unique Necklaces
Jewelry is always trending in different directions, but some designs are always in style.

Shop for Choker Necklaces
Chokers can be the perfect necklace choice for prom and other special occasion, but they work for casual outings, too. Take a look.

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