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Celebrity Hair Clip Trends


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Blake Lively Hair Clip
Blake Lively Hair Clip

Blake Lively Hair Clip

Photo of Blake Lively by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Barrettes and other kinds of hair clips are growing in popularity again, and you'll find a nice variety of styles at local and online merchants. Slip a traditional barrette into your hair, or consider converting a vintage or new brooch into a hair comb. Watch for pretty hair pins and sticks, too, and small ornaments mounted to wire spirals that twirl into your hair.

Bridal jewelry stores usually offer a wide assortment of dressy hair clips, and local department stores are often well stocked in both casual and fussy styles of head-gear. And don't forget about the jewelry designed and made by individuals, like the craftspeople at Etsy.

The photo is Blake Lively -- she wore this stunning gold and diamond hair ornament to the 2011 premiere of The Green Hornet.

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