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Shop for Birthstone Rings


Here's an easy way to locate a birthstone ring. Choose the price category you're comfortable with and quickly compare styles and prices. You'll find a large variety of birthstone rings in each category.

Read the fine print to determine what type of gemstone is used in the ring you choose, since many colored gems are either grown in a lab or treated to make them more affordable. You might also find simulated stones -- in other words, fake. There's nothing wrong with any of those stones, but the facts should be disclosed.

Some of the styles in this collection are class rings, and some are Mother's rings, with spaces for multiple stones. Use all the slots for a single stone to make those rings suit a specific birth month.

Birthstone Rings - Up to $50

Pandora Birthstone Ring
Pandora Birthstone Ring
Some of the birthstone rings in this category are set in 10K gold. A few smaller stones with delicate settings are in 14K gold. Most birthstones are represented, but cubic zirconias replace diamonds for April birthdays.

Get the facts about Commonly Used Gemstone Treatments.

Birthstone Rings - $51 - $100

Birthstone Ring
As you might expect, this price range contains a larger selection of birthstone rings than the first. You'll find somewhat larger stones and more rings made with 14K gold. Small diamonds begin to appear in this category. This is a multi-page selection that contains a very nice variety of birthstone rings.

Birthstone Rings - $151 - $200

The rings in this category have more or larger stones and more of the rings are set in 14K gold. There are also additional design variations in this price range.

Birthstone Rings - $151 - $250

Birthstone Ring
The gemstones and settings used for this group of birthstone rings are larger and more intricate than rings in the previous categories.

Birthstone Rings $251+

Birthstone Ring
A smaller category of birthstone rings that changes as inventories fluxuate. Colored gemstones set with diamonds and mounted in 14K gold settings are the norm here.
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