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Sapphire - Facts and Buying Advice About Sapphire

Use this guide to learn about sapphires, members of the corundum family of minerals. Sapphires exist in many colors, and are a popular jewelry component. Get the facts about sapphire before you buy.

Sapphire Pendants (September Birthstone)
Sapphire is the September birthstone, but this durable member of the corundum family of minerals is a universal favorite among people born any time of year. You're sure to find something that you can't do without in this collection of sapphire pendants.

All About Sapphire, the September Birthstone
Cornflower blue sapphires are lovely, but blues aren't the only color you'll find when you shop for sapphire jewelry.

Gem Notes - Star Sapphire
Details about star sapphires. Follow the "star sapphire" link for a large photo of an intense-blue stone.

Heat Treatment of Ruby and Sapphire
A discussion of ancient and modern-day heat treatments applied to sapphire and ruby.

Ruby and Sapphire Inclusions
This is a rather technical look at ruby and sapphire inclusions. I sure don't claim that I understand all of it, but what did sink in was very interesting and the photos are great!

Sapphire (Corundum)
Facts about sapphire. Links at the bottom of the page lead to sapphire variations and photos.

Sapphire and Diamond Rings
Sapphires are hard gemstones that are suitable for engagement rings. Shop for rings.

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