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Top 7 Topaz Rings


The topaz rings in this collection are grouped by price range so that you can find a November birthstone ring that suits your budget. Remember that topaz is often treated in order to enhance or change its color, including topaz with specific names such as "Mystic Topaz" and "Rainbow Topaz." Blue topaz is created by irradiating pale colored topaz. Be sure to care for treated gemstones as instructed to keep colors from changing or fading.

1) Topaz Rings Up to $50

There are many pretty topaz rings in the under $50 category. Most gemstones are blue, created by irradiating pale topaz, and set in sterling silver. Read the fine print to verify exactly what you are buying--an imitation topaz, a synthetic topaz, or a treated topaz. If the information isn't on the merchant's Web site, give them a call to find out.
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2) Topaz Rings from $50 to $100

This price range introduces topaz rings in gold settings--mostly 10K gold. The total carat weight of topaz increases, and in many cases other gemstones are combined with topaz to create the design.
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3) Topaz Rings from $100 to $150

We begin to see topaz in 14K gold settings in this price category, plus a wider variation of topaz colors, including pink. Gemstones are larger in this group and settings are more intricate.
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4) Topaz Rings from $150 to $200

This category of topaz rings takes another step up in stone size and setting intricacy. More pink topaz appears, often combined with other gems. Remember that most of the topaz used in these rings is color enhanced, just as the less costly topaz rings are--it's gem size and setting prices that push prices upwards.
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5) Topaz Rings from $200 to $300

Most of the topaz used in this group of rings are large, solitaire gems set in gold. Some are surrounded by other, smaller gems--even diamonds, but it's the topaz that's meant to shine in this selection of rings.
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6) Topaz Rings from $300 to $500

This is truly a varied mixture and you'll find everything from large topaz solitaires set in delicate settings to clusters of multiple stones artfully set in gold and other metals. Many of the topaz rings in this price range include diamonds.
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7) Topaz Rings Over $500

Expensive, yes, but honestly, most of the rings here are not as attractive as the lower priced topaz designs. That's only my personal opinion--you might disagree entirely.
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