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Synthetic Gemstones - Fact About Popular Synthetic Gems

Synthetic gemstones have the same properties as natural gems, but they are created in a laboratory. Lab gems are becoming more common and more popular throughout the jewelry industry. It's important to educate yourself about synthetic gemstones so that you understand what you are buying when you purchase jewelry.

FAQ About Cubic Zirconia
Cubic zirconia, also known as CZ, is a popular (and inexpensive) alternative to diamond jewelry. We'll help you decide if CZ jewelry is a good option for your lifestyle.

How Natural, Genuine and Synthetic Gems Differ
What makes a gemstone natural, and how does a synthetic gemstone differ? We'll explain.

Synthetics and Simulants
A US Geological Survey page that discusses the types of synthetic gems currently being made in the United States. This interesting page explains how some synthetics are made in the lab. Some of the information applies to simulated gems.

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