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Specialty and Theme Jewelry

The place to look for ethnic jewelry or jewelry that fits into a specialty or some type of theme. Native American jewelry, cameos, jewelry for animal lovers... that's a small sample of the types of jewelry you'll find here.
  1. Back to School (12)
  2. Cancer Awareness Jewelry (2)
  3. Musical Themed Jewelry (3)
  4. Patriotic Jewelry (2)
  5. Rosaries (3)
  6. Sports Jewelry (3)
  7. Ethnic Jewelry (14)
  8. Weddings & Anniversaries (23)
  9. Animal Jewelry (12)
  10. Holiday Themed Jewelry (29)
  11. Jewelry for Teens (5)
  12. Mother's Jewelry (6)

What Is Steampunk Jewelry?
Jewelry designer Jema Hewitt explains Steampunk, and tells us what inspires her designs.

Profile - Paul Badali, Lord of the Rings Jewelry
Paul Badali first read "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" when he was a teenager. The books became an important part of his life, and contributed to his desire to create unique jewelry. Today, Mr. Badali forges The One Ring™ and other jewelry inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Take a look.

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