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Top 5 June Birthstone Jewelry


Pearls and alexandrite are both used for June birthstone jewelry. Find June birthstone jewelry sorted by category: bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants made especially for people born in June.

1) Pearl Bracelets

You'll find all sorts of pearl bracelets in this collection. Quite a few of the bracelets are strung pearls of all colors. Some are bracelets that combine pearls with other gemstones. There are even a few charm bracelets adorned with pearls. With all the variations, I think you'll find a pearl bracelet you like.
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2) Pearl Necklaces

You might be surprised how affordable some cultured pearls are. You'll find basic strands of round pearls here, but keep scrolling if you are looking for someting a little different, something with some kick. Like the Black Tahitian pearls or the freshwater pearls strung for a more contemporary look.
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3) Alexandrite Pendants

All of the affordable alexandrite you'll find is synthetic, which means it is created in a laboratory. It is the genuine thing, but not gemstone that was found in nature. This selection of pendants shows the vivid purple hues of alexandrite. If jewelry is labeled as simulated, it means it looks like alexandrite, and is not genuine.
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4) Pearl Earrings

Most of the earrings in this collection come in sets with matching pendants. Some of the jewelry contains cultured pearls and some is made from faux (or fake) pearls. The Indonesian style sets are among my personal favorites in this category.
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5) Pearl Rings

This category contains a huge variety of pearl rings in every style and price range you could want. Cultured and faux pearls set in all types of metals, delicate to bold. Some mother of pearl choices slipped into this search, but they make a nice addition to the group.
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