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Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry

What's your favorite turquoise--a clear, robin-egg blue version, deep green stones, or the turquoise called spider web, containing delicate markings of matrix, the rock that turquoise forms in? This is where you can get answers to all your questions about turquoise.

Turquoise Facts and Care Instructions
Luscious and lovely, turquoise is a hot item with jewelry designers. Let's learn more about the origins of turquoise, how it's commonly enhanced, and how to care for the gem.

Shop for Turquoise Bracelets
Turquoise never goes out of style, and turquoise bracelets are available in many styles, classic to contemporary.

Story of Orvil Jack Turquoise
Green Orvil Jack turquoise is gorgeous, and much in-demand, but did you know that, at first, Mr. Jack didn't like the green stones found in his mine and tossed them aside. His daughter Grace explains.

Mining Operations at the Blue Ridge Turquoise Mine
Here are a few photos of turquoise mining, shared by Grace Wintle, an owner of the Blue Ridge Turquoise Mine in Lander County, Nevada, the mine that produces Orvil Jack turquoise.

Ancient Turquoise Mines
Scroll down the page a few inches to read the history of New Mexico's Cerrillos Hills mining area. This turquoise mine was worked by Native people at least 1000 years B.C.

Orvil Jack & Other Turquoise
Carol at Ice Opals has some interesting information for you about Orvil Jack turquoise and turquoise in general.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine
The Sleeping Beauty mine was originally mined for copper and gold. It now produces turquoise in colors from royal to sky blue, with no matrix. Follow the links to see photos of untreated turquoise.

Turquoise is Making Noise
Turquoise is back in style, and in a big way. This article discusses its new popularity. Includes some nice photos.

Turquoise Mining
The US Geological Survey pages discuss turquoise and tell us where it has been mined in the United States.

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