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Collectible Watches

Collectible and Limited Edition Watches


Character and collectible watches are always fun, and often come packed in decorative containers. In the past, Fossil offered lots of collectible watches, but their selection is has been more limited in recent years. Disney is always a good source for collectible watches based on their characters -- with Mickey Mouse a number one favorite for both children and adults.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirate's logo is drawn on the face of this watch, and surrounded by a stainless steel square case. A 9-1/2" leather strap holds the watch on your wrist.

I'm sorry, this watch is no longer available.

Mickey Diamond Watch with 3 Interchangeable Bands

Mickey Mouse is always a classic, and this Mickey watch is updated with diamonds and an interchangeable band in three colors: black, pearl and wine red. The watch has an 8" leather strap and comes packed in a red velvet box. One-year limited warranty.

I'm sorry, this watch is no longer available.

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