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Wholesale Jewelry Stores

Find wholesale jewelry stores. Many of these jewelry stores require that you have a resale permit before ordering. Others will sell to anyone who meets or exceeds their minimum order requirements.
#1 Accessorios
A New Mexico wholesale jewelry company that sells many types jewelry. You cannot view prices until you register with the company.
Gold Cup 100 Jewelry Corner
Many types of jewelry... sterling silver and semi-precious gems. They offer popular Italian charm bracelets, too. There's a minimum order requirement, but I didn't find a requirement for resale licenses.
Jewelry Impressions
You must apply to become eligible to buy from this wholesale jewelry company. They offer several lines of jewelry.
Olympia Gold
Wholesale jewelry to members of the trade only. You can learn more about the company here and request a catalog.
Quality Sterling International
Wholesale sterling silver jewelry. Purchase requires a valid resale license and a $100 minimum order.
Zack Trading
A Florida wholesale jewelry company that offers numerous types of jewelry. It appears that anyone can place an order if it meets their minimum.
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