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Readers Respond: Should celebrities wear more subdued jewelry during a worldwide recession?

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Celebrities often wear more subdued jewelry than usual after a crisis, such as the 9/11 attacks and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Should celebrities tone-down their jewelry during a worldwide recession, or are their ensembles a fun diversion, no matter what the economy is like?

Show it off!

I enjoy seeing what everyone is wearing! I certainly can not afford it.... or LOL borrow it....but it gives me alot of great ideas. Thank you for posting the question!
—Guest Lisa

celebrity jewelry

When I see the rich and famous boycott furs and ivory, on which I agree, and then think nothing of wearing diamonds -- most of which have a history of death and heartache behind them, I wonder.
—Guest bayez

Who Cares What Celebrities Wear

These celebrity types are empty and egotisitcal. Make your own statement by wearing what really expresses who you are.
—Guest jdrep


I think everyone needs to be more subdued. Especially the celebrity world. The sports celebrities & political people won't but it needs to start somewhere.
—Guest Anita

Celebrities are Hollywood, not life

Celebrities represent more our fantasies than they do real people. It's why over-the-top musicals did so well during the Great Depression. Let their glamour cheer us up and distract us.

If you've got it, flaunt it

Show the world your talent, your beauty, your character -- why not your wealth? Hiding yourself for the sake of others is lying to yourself, takes away from your character and diminishes your talent, your life. There is more power to being you, showing the world your true value especially in times like these.
—Guest DManuela

Why hide beauty?

It's not as if these celebs are helping serve in the food line at a homeless shelter. Why would anyone consider it insensitive to wear bling at the Cannes Film festival? Even those of us who are having trouble making ends meet like to see things of beauty. You wouldn't suggest closing down an art museum because we can't afford a Picasso, would you?
—Guest Ann Marie

dreams create desires

The Middle class and upper middle class market for high end of the jewelry market came to a standstill last year. This kind of 'bling' may help to awaken consumers to styles, fashions and how women can add a piece of jewelry to make their clothes look up to date and stylish. A woman who looks and feels pretty with her new jewelry or dress reflects it from the inside out to the rest of the world - she glows! And, it doesn't always have to cost a lot to get a 'new look' from inspiration she gained by seeing the 'red carpet' stars.
—Guest mylegacy-treasures

The more bling the better!

Celebrities are what dreams are made of. They are important for us to escape from our lives and pretend for just a little while that all is well with the world and that dreams do come true.

to Jewel or not to Jewel

Is it nesseccary to go over the top with jewelry, no, but at the same time celebrities are "larger than life." They give those of us living the average day-to-day something to look to and dream about. Wouldn't it be great to... the type of dreaming that people have done for centuries. The masses have always looked to celebrities and thought "if only that could be me," as far back as Caesar and up to today's celebrities Brad and Angelina. As you pointed out, most of the jewelry they are wearing is "on-loan." I for one would love to have some of my work walking the red carpets even "on-loan". Maybe that is the question to ask, why don't celebrities wear the work of less known and more affordable artists?
—Guest Jeannie Ree

Keep the gorgeous jewellery coming

I don't think celebrities should hide the wonderful jewellery from us normal people, I love seeing what I can't afford because it is different from the norm. Anyone that thinks it should be hidden away during these times also shouldn't complain -- each person chooses their career and one of the perks of theirs is they are lucky enough to wear great outfits and accessories, but we must also remember that the majority of celebs on the Red carpet are only borrowing items for the night and like Cinderella have to return them the next day.

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