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Top 5 Fine Jewelry Blogs


Who doesn't love a little bling? These sites bring industry trends and designers to your (virtual) jewelry box.

Jewelry Spotlight10

Wedding Band Ideas on Etsy

Get inspired and discover some unique his & hers wedding band sets on Etsy.

Gold Jewelry Facts

Gold was one of the first metals ever discovered. Learn more about your gold jewelry with these five important facts.

20 Interesting Ruby Facts

20 of the most amazing facts about Rubies, the official birthstone of July.

Top 5 Fine Jewelry Blogs

The best places to admire fine jewelry, both old and new. These blogs highlight upcoming trends, designers, antique jewelry, and more.

Platinum vs. White Gold

Find out whether Platinum or White Gold is better for your engagement ring and wedding bands.

Highlights from the 2014 Couture Design Awards

Winners and highlights from the 2014 Couture Design Awards.

Interesting Alexandrite Facts

Twenty intriguing facts about Alexandrite, the alternative birthstone of June.

Different Types of Baroque Pearls

Learn about different types of baroque pearls.

Informative Articles on Estate Jewelry

Learn the basics about antique and estate jewelry with our top five must-read articles.

Interesting Pearl Facts

Some of the most intriguing and must-know facts about Pearls, the official birthstone of June.

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