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Fancy Color Diamonds

Advice to Help You Buy Fancy Color Diamonds


Fancy Color Diamonds
When it's time to buy a diamond, we spend a significant amount of time juggling their characteristics to find a gemstone with a combination of qualities that suits out style, our needs, and our budget. Diamond color nearly always plays an important role in our search, because too-dark color shadings in what should be a white diamond are not desirable.

Another group of diamonds sits on the other end of the color spectrum, diamonds we want to be packed with vibrant hues. Called fancy color diamonds, these gems exist in a rainbow of yellows, reds, pinks, blues, greens, purples and all shades in-between.

Natural fancy color diamonds get their coloring in different ways:

  • Trace elements in the diamonds can produce color. For instance, the presence of nitrogen results in a yellow diamond.

  • Color can result when radiation is present during a diamond's creation, and that's how green diamonds are born.

  • Inclusions are undesirable in a colorless stone, but can contribute unique tones and flashes of color in a fancy color diamond.

Diamond Treatments Can Alter Color

Gemologists can create fancy color diamonds by manipulating less desirable diamonds to alter their colors. Irradiation, followed by a high heat treatment, can turn brownish and pale yellow diamonds into richly colored, affordable gems.

Because natural colored diamonds are rare and can be quite expensive, diamond treatments are common, and make it possible for more of us to own a color diamond. Always assume that any affordable fancy color diamond has been treated in some way to enhance its color and other characteristics. Ask for a grading report that verifies the authenticity of any color diamond marketed as natural.

Synthetic Color Diamonds

Synthetic colored diamonds, created in a laboratory, are another affordable option you'll find when you shop for vibrant diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are not natural stones, but they are genuine stones -- their origins should always be disclosed.

Pictures of Fancy Color Diamonds

Before you go shopping, get familiar with color diamond shade variations and learn the special Four Cs of fancy colored diamonds

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