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Quick Facts About Ear Piercing Variations


Ear Piercing Variations

Are you considering adding a few extra ear piercings to go along with the piercing at the center of your earlobe? Maybe one of these piercing variations will suit your style and work with the jewelry combinations you want to wear.

Industrial Piercing

The industrial is a common ear piercing where two or more holes are made in the cartilage of an ear. The holes are then connected by one barbell. Most piercers do both holes during the same appointment, and connect them with a barbell suitable for healing.

  • Typical Gauge for an Industrial Piercing Typical jewelry size for an initial industrial piercing is 14 gauge, with the option to go larger or smaller in size once the piercing is healed.

  • Healing Time As with most cartilage piercings, it could take 16 weeks for an industrial piercing to heal.

Tragus Piercing

The tragus is the triangular shaped piece of cartilage in front of the ear canal. It has become a popular spot for piercings, and is commonly decorated with delicate hoop jewelry.

  • Typical Gauge for a Tragus Piercing An 18 to 14 gauge captive ring is typical initial jewelry used in a tragus piercing.

  • Healing Time A tragus piercing has a lengthy healing time, usually six to twelve months, although sometimes it appears to have healed much sooner.

Daith Piercing

Daith, pronounced doth, is a piercing of the ear's inner cartilage. Rest your thumb at the top of your ear canal and grab the cartilage just above it with your first finger -- that's where a Daith piercing takes place.

When you have a Daith piercing, the bottom part of the jewelry should appear to be coming out of the ear canal.

  • Typical Gauge for a Daith Piercing Size differs depending on your ear's structure, but is typically from 18 to 14 gauge. The piercer often inserts a captive hoop to serve as the initial jewelry.

  • Healing Time It generally takes 2 - 4 months for a Daith piercing to heal.

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