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Facts About Bezel Settings


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A Few Facts About Bezel Settings
Bezel Set Engagement Ring

.75 Carat Diamond in Yellow & White Gold Bezel Setting

An exclusive design by Sun Jewelry
Bezel settings hold gemstones in place with a metal rim that gently encircles the sides of the stone, and extends slightly above it. The rim, or collar, can stretch around the gem's entire circumference, as shown in the diamond ring above, or around only a portion of it, like the bezel set engagement rings on pages 4 and 5.

Bezel settings hold gems securely, and the low, protective profile the setting creates makes the technique a good setting choice for people with active lifestyles. It also protects the edges of a gem and can sometimes even hide existing chips.

The engagement ring on this page features a round, brilliant cut center diamond in a bezel setting. A yellow gold rope hugs each side of the focal diamond and additional round diamonds are embedded in the ring's shank.

Ring by Sun Jewelry.

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