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How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring


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Analyze Her Wants and Needs
Prong engagement ring

1.02 Carat Diamond Solitaire in Yellow Gold Prong Setting

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Surprising your fiance with an engagement ring she'll loves is not as difficult as you might think. You can do it, and you'll do it right once you've analyzed her wants and needs, such as her likes and dislikes, the shape of her hands and fingers, and the type of engagement ring that suits her lifestyle.

A first step in your engagement ring search is to become acquainted with both diamond and engagement ring basics no matter when you plan to buy the ring, so that you'll understand the terms you hear when you shop, a critical "must" for such an important purchase.

7 Ways to Buy an Engagement Ring She'll Love is required reading for every man who wants to surprise his fiancé with an engagement ring. It's the best place to start your research because it offers important tips to help you choose the perfect ring.

Choose the "Best" Diamond Shape

Diamond shapes and diamond cuts... they're not the same thing, but they are closely related, and understanding one will make you more confident about the other.

Work on diamond shapes by taking my diamond shapes photo tour to become acquainted with several popular diamond shapes.

Engagement Ring Settings

The prong setting, sometimes called a claw setting, is the most common gemstone setting, but prongs aren't all alike. How to Buy a Prong Set Diamond Ring explains the pros and cons of prong settings and helps you select the best setting for your fiancé's lifestyle.

Other popular engagement ring settings you should become familiar with are:

Make the Diamond Look Larger

Some diamond shapes and settings make a diamond look larger than other shapes do.

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