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How to Become a Horologist

Watchmaking as a Jewelry Career


Gears of a pocket watch
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Craftspeople who make and repair watches and clocks are called horologists, while the craft of watch and clock making and repairing is known as horology

Today's fashion watches are cheaper to replace than to repair, but opportunities exist for people who are interested in learning how to repair and maintain watches and clocks with mechanical actions.

Many of the career opportunities found online are seeking experienced horologists to work for companies that specialize in the resale of expensive watches and clocks. Limited numbers of students are entering the field, which is expected to lose a large percentage of its seasoned workers over the next several years.

Explore the educational opportunities at each school you are interested in, because course completion times and specialties taught vary quite a bit.

Watchmaking Schools

Gem City College, Quincy, Illinois
School of Horology, Columbia, Pennsylvania
Institute of Swiss Watchmaking, Fort Worth, Texas

Also See: Jobs for Watchmakers, from the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. Read the job descriptions for education and experience requirements, and to preview some of the career paths open to watchmakers.

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